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Nabil and Myrna Safi

Nabil and Myrna Safi are from Beirut, Lebanon. They are dedicated leaders with the Church of God and have a passion for the people of the Middle East. Their linguistic skills in Arabic, English, and French, and their deep knowledge of the Arabic mindset have prepared them to be effective workers among Middle Easterners.
Nabil is an ordained minister with the Church of God, headquartered in Anderson, IN, and serves as the Missions Pastor at Church at the Crossing in Indianapolis, IN. In addition to holding a MBA in Marketing and having over fifteen years of experience in the business and ministry fields, he is expected to receive a Seminary degree in missions in May 2013.
Myrna holds a M.S. in Bio-Chemistry and has many years of teaching and ministry experience. She was the National Director of a Christian environmental organization in Lebanon and is currently serving as a team member of A Rocha USA, serving in the development of their educational program.
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