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Kello Tamam focuses on the dissemination of Hope across the Arab world. This program is broadcast in Arabic, one of the ten different languages produced by Christian Broadcasting Hope (CBH).

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What is Kello Tamam?

Why hope?

In the current circumstances the Arab world is facing, one cannot surmount the challenges of everyday life and it is difficult to dream and seek a promising future. Sadness and frustration result and lead many to despair and loss of hope. This is where Kello Tamam’s concept and need arose. This program is directed to anyone who is wants to be optimistic and is looking forward to a better future that is full of positive experiences and true happiness. The program topics are from everyday life and its purpose is to broadcast Hope to Arab people.

Hope is the perseverance that carries us to our final and eternal destination.

Hope starts by learning from the past.

It gives meaning to the present and moves us on to the future.


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